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JVC Featured on First Coast Living with David Benfield

Jacksonville Venture Competition (JVC) took the spotlight on Friday as co-founder Matthew Chang joins David Benfield on First Coast Living with First Coast News.

Jacksonville Venture Competition (JVC) is on a mission to transform Jacksonville into a city known for its vibrant startup ecosystem. With an emphasis on funding and innovation, JVC aims to bring together investors, entrepreneurs, and the local community to drive economic growth and opportunities for startups in Jacksonville.

"The world is changing. Generations are shifting. We see this as a big opportunity to bring startups and innovation here to Jacksonville."

JVC began as a response to the realization that Jacksonville lacked a thriving startup economy. The city's leadership recognized the need for venture capital funding and angel investment to support the growth of innovative startups. Venture capital firms provide professional investment expertise to scale up startups, while angel investors are individuals who are passionate about specific technologies or startups.

"I think a lot of people in Jacksonville feel like Jacksonville is a city of missed opportunities."

Jacksonville has seen missed opportunities in the past, such as when Walt Disney considered building a theme park in the city but was turned down. However, JVC believes that now is the perfect time for startups to thrive. The changing world and shifting generations present a ripe opportunity to foster innovation and attract startups to Jacksonville.

JVC goes beyond just providing funding opportunities. The competition has partnered with the Jacksonville Jaguars and organized various events to inspire and support entrepreneurs. JVC also emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusion within the startup landscape, with a focus on empowering women and minority voices. The event offers educational sessions on early-stage startup investing, led by Venture South, the lead investor partner, ensuring that entrepreneurs have access to valuable knowledge and resources.

To be part of this entrepreneurial movement and purchase tickets, visit



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