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JVC Featured on First Coast Connect with Anne Schindler

Matthew Chang, co-founder of the Jacksonville Venture competition, and Tim Gibbons, editor of the Jacksonville Business Journal sat down with Anne Schindler, host of First Coast Connect to talk all things JVC.

Matthew’s Vision for the Venture Competition 


Matthew Chang, initiated this Venture Competition last year with a clear goal in mind: to fill a crucial gap in Jacksonville’s startup ecosystem. The aim? To provide easier access to funding for company founders and, ultimately, to keep startups right here in Jacksonville. Matthew emphasizes the importance of retaining startups within the city, highlighting the unfortunate trend of local founders seeking funding elsewhere, such as Charleston, South Carolina, or even Tallahassee. 


According to Matthew, the issue isn’t a lack of money in Jacksonville, as evident from the city’s affluent areas like the beaches or San Marco. Instead, the challenge lies in educating local investors on how to invest in startup companies. The Jacksonville Venture Competition serves as a platform to bridge this gap by spotlighting startups, educating investors, and fostering connections between them. 


The Role of the Jacksonville Business Journal 


The Jacksonville Business Journal joins as a sponsor of the event, reflecting their commitment to nurturing the city’s innovation ecosystem. Timothy Gibbons emphasizes the importance of building a community where companies, investors, and entrepreneurs can connect and thrive. By sponsoring events like JVC, the Business Journal aims to foster growth and collaboration within Jacksonville’s business landscape. 


Creating Opportunities for Connection and Investment 


The Jacksonville Venture Competition isn’t just about pitching ideas; it’s about creating collisions—opportunities for individuals from various backgrounds to meet, connect, and collaborate. With a maximum purse size of $1.2 million, the competition offers substantial funding opportunities for winning startups.  

Learning from Past Experiences: Lessons from One Spark 


Reflecting on past entrepreneurial events like One Spark, Matthew and Timothy acknowledge the lessons learned. While events like One Spark showcased the appetite for connecting ideas with funding, they also encountered challenges, particularly regarding logistics and sustainability. The Jacksonville Venture Competition aims to address these issues by offering a focused, packaged event centered on business growth and investment. 


Join Us at the Jacksonville Venture Competition 


If you’re eager to be part of Jacksonville’s thriving startup scene, mark your calendars for March 12th and 13th. With ample networking opportunities, live pitch sessions, and the potential for substantial funding, this event is not to be missed. Get your tickets today:



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