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Congratulations to the 2024 Jacksonville Venture Competition Winner: Optic Systems

The mission of the Jacksonville Venture Competition is to foster innovation and entrepreneurship within the vibrant startup ecosystem of Jacksonville, Florida. This annual competition serves as a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs, providing them with an opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas and gain valuable exposure.

This year the Venture Competition heard pitches from Momnt, Coaqua, TendedBar, Nickelytics, and Optic Systems. Each of these vibrant start-ups wowed our audience with their engaging pitches, brilliant ideas, and potential for success.


After all the start-ups shared their pitches, the crowd voted for their favorite and the judges awarded each start-up with a different superlative before announcing the overall winner.

👏 TendedBar (Justin Honeysuckle) was awarded - "Crowd Favorite."

🎤 Momnt (Barclay Keith) was awarded – “Best Presentation.”

🌎 Coaqua (Anthony Candieux and Justin Bruckel) was awarded – “Eco Warrior.”

🤩 Nickelytics (Judah Longgrear) was awarded – “Rising Star.”

👷🏻‍♂️ Optic Systems (Wesley Hunt) was awarded – “Building the Future.”


Optic Systems was also awarded the overall first-place prize which included an exclusive expedited path in VentureSouth's investment process.


About Optic Systems

“Established to transform industry practices through technology, Optic Systems specializes in 360-degree video technology and modular software solutions. By driving innovation and efficiency, the company aims to reshape cities, municipalities, and various sectors for a better tomorrow.”

For more about Optic Systems, visit their website at



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