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Ron Armstrong- Speaker Announcement

Ron Armstrong is the Executive Director and Founder of Sponsored by GRACE. Below is a short biography from Armstrong:

"My life is a miracle. I have never seen my parents together; I experienced their divorce at a very young age. Drugs and Alcohol were all over my family generation which carried over to me. I was a drug addict for over 15 years, needed a drink every day, tried to kill myself twice, and just lost to the things of this world. After finding myself in Jacksonville in 2011, it was a place that would eventually lead me to a life change. In 2012 I was invited to church and was introduced to Jesus. The rest is history. I am now living my dream of using my story for others to be impacted, encouraged, and given a life-changing message of redemption."

Talk Title

Community Builders: Bridges Take Time


Armstrong would like to encourage people that even if something looks impossible, hard, messy, and maybe does not even look like you, that doesn't mean it's impossible. That may be the very thing that you need to do.

Checkout Ron's speaker announcement on LinkedIn:



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