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Paul Clark - The Harvest (Investment Case Studies) - JVC 2023

Paul Clark, provided a comprehensive overview of angel investing through a series of investment case studies, at JVC 2023. Clark's insights shed light on the dynamic landscape of early-stage investing, offering guidance and lessons for both novice and experienced investors.

One key theme Clark emphasized was the importance of investment diversity and access to a wide range of opportunities. Venture South's commitment to supporting Southeastern startups seeking investments ranging from $200,000 to $2 million showcased their willingness to explore a diverse portfolio of ventures.

The case studies presented a balanced view of angel investing, showcasing successful exits like the acquisition of a company specializing in population-level data collection for pharmaceutical firms. However, Clark also cautioned investors about the unpredictability of earn-outs, which can often fall short of expectations. Additionally, he stressed the need to be prepared for losses, as exemplified by the story of Aperiomics, a diagnostic company that didn't yield positive returns.

Clark also highlighted the potential rewards of early-stage investing in cutting-edge innovations, such as a pioneering company in satellite imagery processing. He delved into the complexities of exits, including challenges faced by early investors in a thriving electric bus manufacturing company, where heavy dilution and corporate acquisitions complicated the reward for early supporters.

In conclusion, Paul Clark's presentation offered a well-rounded perspective on angel investing, emphasizing the importance of diversification, preparedness for potential losses, and the intricacies of exit strategies. Aspiring angel investors can draw valuable insights from these case studies, equipping themselves to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of early-stage investments with a more informed approach.

JVC was honored to have Paul Clark share his insights on angel investing which benefitted both seasoned and novice investors alike.



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