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Tony Boselli - Pitch Competition Introduction - JVC 2023

Tony Boselli, former football player and entrepreneur, introduced our pitch competition at JVC 2023. He emphasized the importance of forward-thinking disruptors in the market. He also discussed his personal journey as an entrepreneur, highlighting the challenges and rewards of being part of an early-stage company, drawing parallels between the competitiveness of football and entrepreneurship.

He shares the same vision for Jacksonville as JVC in understanding the crucial role of funding in the success of startups. He noted the common need to seek venture capital often located on the West Coast or Northeast, and is ready to see Jacksonville become a hub for innovation.

Typically if you want to go find capital you have to go to the West Coast or up to the Northeast. Identifying the young entrepreneurs the young disruptors in our community is right where we should be investing our dollars.

We were honored to have Boselli as he advocates for investing in local entrepreneurs, believing that spotlighting and supporting young disruptors in Jacksonville will contribute to the city's growth and development.



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