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Ron Armstrong - Bridges Take Time - JVC 2023

At JVC 2023, Ron Armstrong discussed his life journey and the creation of his non-profit organization, Sponsored by GRACE. Armstrong grew up without parents, surrounded by drugs, violence, and poverty. He struggled for many years to find his purpose and identity, but eventually found his way through a personal relationship with God and a desire to help others.

Armstrong's non-profit organization, Sponsored by GRACE, is based in Northwest Jacksonville, one of the most dangerous and impoverished areas in the city. The organization's mission is to empower children and families by sharing the Gospel, connecting them to a local faith family, and meeting their physical needs. Armstrong's non-profit has had a significant impact on the community, reducing crime rates and changing the lives of many young people.

"There's a lot of big gifts and talents in this room but they're not your talents. The talents that God has given you are supposed to be used for others not yourself." - Ron Armstrong

Armstrong's story is inspirational and serves as a reminder that it is never too late to find your purpose and make a positive impact on the world. He encourages others to use their talents and gifts to serve others, rather than just themselves. He also emphasizes the importance of consistency and showing up, as well as taking risks and pursuing opportunities in areas that have been overlooked or marginalized.

JVC was honored to have Ron share his story and encourage the audience to use their talents for others, making an impact that extends far beyond themselves.



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