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Pitch Competition - Competitor Announcement

VentureSouth, one of the country’s largest early-stage investment firms and headline sponsor of JVC, is providing a platform for five companies to pitch their ideas live and secure funding during the event. JVC is excited to announce the five innovative companies participating in the pitch competition event.

  • 6AM City, based in Greenville, SC, is a digital media company that provides hyper-local news and events coverage in six Southeastern cities.

  • Iconic Moments, based in Chattanooga, TN, brings together cultural institutions, digital artists, and Web3 technology to bring art into life.

  • Blue Vigil, based in Jacksonville, FL, specializes in the design and manufacture of tethered drone power systems for industrial and military applications.

  • Archer First Response, also based in Jacksonville, FL, provides medical transportation services for critically ill and injured patients using advanced technology and medical equipment.

  • Operade, based in Jacksonville, FL, is a company producing scientifically-advanced preoperative beverages that aim to drive better outcomes for patients and medical providers.



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