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Panel - Women in Venture - JVC 2023

JVC 2023 was honored to have four distinguished panelists during the Women in Venture segment on Day 1. The panel focused on their unique perspectives on early-stage funding and highlighted their individual experiences.

Dr. Juliana Iarossi is on the Board of Directors at VentureSouth, an early-stage venture firm that provides capital and expertise to Southeastern startups through angel investment. Iarossi also serves as a professor at the University of South Carolina.

Janet Wylie is an executive with 30+ years of business experience including both receiving funding and investing. She is knowledgeable about engineering, manufacturing, design, and construction and has extensive board experience.

Debbie Buckland is a Retired Market President at Truist. She has extensive banking experience ranging from small business to middle market.

Trish Skoglund is the Corporate Director of Mergers & Acquisitions at Crowley. Skoglund has deep industry knowledge and business understanding. She sources start-ups for Crowley and also is a personal venture investor.

The Women in Venture panel brought together these four successful women with diverse backgrounds and experience in venture funding. The panelists' insights emphasized the importance of a strong management team, strategic financial planning, leveraging financial institutions, and networking effectively. By incorporating these insights, early-stage companies can enhance their chances of securing investment and achieving success in the competitive world of entrepreneurship. To learn more about these women, their experiences, and their advice, watch the full panel video on YouTube.

JVC was privileged to have Julie, Janet, Debbie, and Trish share their experience and insights to aid future and current entrepreneurs (male and female, alike) seeking funding.



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