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Neal Anderson - Corporate Venture Panel Highlights

Jacksonville University (JU) hosted a breakfast last week to kick off the Jacksonville Venture Competition (JVC) that will be taking place in less than a month (March 7-8). At the breakfast, a panel was conducted with four successful Jacksonville entrepreneurs. One of the panelists, Neal Anderson, shared his insights on Jacksonville's small business infrastructure, building a company with his wife, bootstrapping, and much more.

Neal Anderson is an entrepreneur at heart and loves the challenge of growing businesses. He's focused primarily on technology-related companies and has served in virtually every capacity: This includes CEO, COO, Business Development, Finance, and Sales. Neal has a long track record of successfully growing organizations and achieving higher shareholder value. This includes mid-size technology companies to large multi-billion dollar organizations.

To hear Anderson's insights, watch the highlight video below:

To see the full panel, click here.



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