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Nathaniel P. Ford Sr. on Community Vision - JVC 2023

Nathaniel P. Ford Sr., CEO of the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA), speaks about the JRTC at LaVilla, a Regional Transportation Center that was opened in May 2020. JVC 2023 was hosted in the JRTC in the Open Innovation Center which is a collaborative space with JAX Chamber. Ford talks about how the JRTC is a gem for the community, with a focus on innovation, creativity, and generational value. He also discusses the history of LaVilla, a once-thriving African-American community that supported a lot of railroad activity, and how the JRTC pays homage to that history with murals and artwork.

Ford emphasizes that the JTA is a forward-thinking organization and is prepared for how technology will change the transportation industry. He discusses the U2C project, which will connect Jacksonville's communities through a 10-mile network of autonomous vehicles. JTA plans to be the first major large-scale autonomous vehicle public transportation system. Ford's speech highlights the JTA's focus on connectivity and transportation and its bold, ambitious, and aggressive approach to building roads and public transportation.

JVC was honored to have Mr. Ford give the welcome and support the inaugural Jacksonville Venture Competition!



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