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Keynote Speaker, Timothy Papandreou, on the Future of Living and Working

Timothy Papandreou shares insights on what it takes to become a startup city and achieve open innovation. As a former chief innovation officer for San Francisco, a member of the team that created the self-driving car project Waymo, and a leader of USDOT's smart city challenge, Papandreou is a highly respected expert in his field globally. Tim is a forward-thinking, innovative "honey badger" (as explained in 4:00-4:30).

Throughout his presentation, Papandreou highlights the need for cities to be clear about what they want to achieve and to take action to make it happen, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between government, private sector, and community stakeholders. Cities in the future need to adapt and embrace technology and innovation to meet the ever-changing needs of their residents.

Building on the idea his fellow presenter, Carlton Robinson, touched on during JVC day one, the goal is to turn Jacksonville into Actionville. Tim lays out a variety of "-villes" and how each one can transform our city:

  • Data-ville

  • Proposal-ville

  • Authentic-ville

  • Popup-ville

  • Resilient-ville

  • Open-ville

  • Connect-ville

  • Learn-ville

  • Wellness-ville

  • Defy-ville

  • Maker-ville

  • Care-ville

  • Park-ville

  • And more!

Check out Tim's entire presentation in the video above to hear more about the future of living and working including the exponential increase in technological disruption, overlapping S-curves, statistics on city migration, and using AI in the workplace.



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