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Kelly Dyer - Corporate Venture Panel Highlights

Jacksonville University (JU) hosted a breakfast last week to kick off the Jacksonville Venture Competition (JVC) that will be taking place in less than a month (March 7-8). At the breakfast, a panel was conducted with four successful Jacksonville entrepreneurs. One of the panelists, Kelly Dyer, shared his insights on looking for capital in Jacksonville, the potential of the city, keeping business local, and much more.

Kelly Dyer is the co-founder and CEO of SourceFuse USA, and a lifelong entrepreneur and technologist. He enjoys working with startups and enterprises to identify challenging problems and opportunities that can be solved with software and innovation. Dyer is passionate about product building and disrupting industries and hopes to one day improve the non-profit sector with better use of technology.

To hear Dyer's insights, watch the highlight video below:

To see the full panel, click here.



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