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Dr. Tammie McClafferty - Inspired by Faith - JVC 2023

Dr. Tammie McClafferty, Executive Director of Lifework Leadership, talks about leadership and faith in the workplace using Jesus Christ as an example. Tammie uses various experts who have referred to Jesus Christ as the greatest leader of all time, including Ken Blanchard and John Maxwell. She emphasizes that at Lifework, they take it one step further by focusing on action, saying that faith in Jesus Christ is not just something to believe in, but also results in action.

The organization believes that faith in Jesus Christ should translate into action, and they emphasize putting leadership principles into practical use. They work towards clarifying the calling of influential leaders in the city, connecting them with a community of like-minded individuals, and encouraging them to take action to transform the city for the better. Life Work Leadership also engages in community impact projects, such as the "Life Work Grit" coffee shop, which employs homeless individuals and helps them get back on their feet.

The main three outcomes that Lifework strives to equip its leaders with in order to maximize their effectiveness is: (1) clarifying your calling (2) building like-minded community around you (3) captivating your heart for Jacksonville.

Overall, Life Work Leadership operates on the belief that Jesus Christ's leadership exemplifies servant leadership, and they strive to apply those principles to modern leadership roles, fostering a community that is inspired by faith and driven to make a positive difference in Jacksonville.

JVC was honored to have Dr. Tammie McClafferty come speak and share about leadership development in our city.



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