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Dr. James Simak - Strategies from Research Perspectives - JVC 2023

JVC 2023 brought together entrepreneurs, researchers, and corporate leaders to explore strategies for economic growth. James Simak, Director of the Center for Organizational Research and Executive Education at Jacksonville University, unveiled key findings from his research and challenged the audience to shift their focus.

Simak emphasized the power of high-growth companies, thriving small businesses, and education as catalysts for economic impact. Drawing from a decade of research, he revealed that high-growth early-stage companies—those with consistent 20% annual growth for three years—have a remarkable influence on local economies. Simak urged the audience to nurture these businesses, stressing the tangible benefits they bring to communities.

Recognizing the significance of small businesses that survive and thrive for at least five years, Simak urged support for their growth. Additionally, he highlighted the importance of educational attainment, emphasizing the positive impact of a community's accumulation of Bachelor's degrees. These three factors emerged as crucial drivers of economic growth, deserving the utmost attention in fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Simak also shared insights from a McKinsey study, showcasing strategies employed by top-performing companies in the S&P. Notably, these companies excelled through strategic acquisitions and investments in new organic growth opportunities. Applying these findings to his own businesses, Simak achieved significant performance improvements by shifting investments and promoting strategic initiatives. Encouraging the audience to adopt these principles, he advocated for corporate partnerships and targeted investments to develop high-growth businesses that can propel the local economy forward.

High-growth companies, thriving small businesses, and educational attainment emerged as the driving forces behind economic impact.

In conclusion, Simak's speech at JVC 2023 shed light on effective strategies for economic growth. He urged the audience to prioritize quality over quantity in entrepreneurial pursuits. High-growth companies, thriving small businesses, and educational attainment emerged as the driving forces behind economic impact. Simak's insights challenged the prevailing celebrity entrepreneur narrative, encouraging entrepreneurs to focus on their own businesses' growth and success. By implementing targeted actions and fostering strategic investments, Simak demonstrated that significant improvements in performance and economic impact are well within reach.

JVC was honored to have Dr. Simak share his economic insights to aid and inspire Jacksonville's changemakers.



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