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Don Capener, PhD - Speaker Announcement

Don has over 35 years of experience in both the corporate and academic sectors of business and leadership. Don has a Ph. D. in international management with a focus on entrepreneurial studies. He has founded and successfully exited multiple companies as well as scaled university programs by 200%. He is proficient in the art of networking and bringing the right executives “to the table." Don has helped to raise $17 million for seed and series A companies over the last 20 years while working full-time in academia. Don currently serves as a Dean at UVU and a strategy consultant at Chang Industrial.

Talk Title

Venture Financing during Turbulent Times


Having enough “runway” to survive downturns makes or break most startups. Many startups failed in 2022 that would have survived if they could have raised 12-18 months of financing. Where can a founder find venture financing? During this talk, we will discuss how to build a network of potential angel investors and companies focused on your area.


Establishing and maintaining relationships with potential investors. Networking strategy for broad reach. Targeted in alignment with your business. Why founders seek VC funds too early; cultivating relationships with angel investors or friends and family.

Checkout Don's speaker announcement on LinkedIn:



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