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Clayton Levins - Speaker Announcement

Clayton Levins is the Executive Director of Smart North Florida. He brings specialties in tri-sector experience having worked in government, non-profit, and private sectors. Clayton began his career in community development and government relations roles at Jacksonville University and then at the Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce. After leaving the public sector, Clayton worked in strategic innovation for the Haskell Company, a global architectural, engineering, and construction firm. While at Haskell he worked to enhance the company’s innovation culture by scaling internal innovations and piloting technologies from startups in the AEC technology ecosystem. Clayton’s passion for regional development was always at the front of his mind as he worked at Haskell. When the opportunity to build on the foundation for Smart North Florida came, it couldn’t be passed up.

Talk Title

Tomorrow's Infrastructure: Smart City


Smart North Florida's effort in creating an impactful smart region in North Florida focused on solving our hardest community problems using technology and innovation.



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