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JVC Featured on This Week in Jacksonville with Kent Justice

Jacksonville Venture Competition (JVC) is making waves as co-founders Matthew Chang from Chang Industrial and Timothy Gibbons, editor of the Jacksonville Business Journal, take the spotlight on "This Week in Jacksonville: Business Edition" with Kent Justice from Channel 4.

Scheduled for March 12 and 13 at EverBank Stadium, JVC aims to foster a thriving startup ecosystem by bringing together early-stage funding and innovation in one dynamic event.

Chang explains, "We're gathering exceptional startup companies from Jacksonville and connecting them with venture capital firms and angel investors. Additionally, we're engaging with the local community, including major corporations and nonprofits, to elevate their mission and drive innovation."

Notably, JVC holds a strong focus on empowering women and promoting diversity within the entrepreneurial landscape. Gibbons emphasizes the challenge of uniting investors and innovators in Northeast Florida, citing historical instances where local entrepreneurs and funders had to travel to distant conferences to connect.

Recognizing the importance of building a local ecosystem, Gibbons adds, "By hosting JVC and attracting investors to our region, we create opportunities for local ideas to be funded locally, nurturing the growth of an entire entrepreneurial network."

Partnering with the Jacksonville Jaguars, JVC has collaborated on several events aimed at inspiring and supporting entrepreneurs. The competition goes beyond funding by providing a platform for nonprofit voices, amplifying female and minority voices in the space, and offering educational sessions on early-stage startup investing. Venture South, the lead investor partner, spearheads the educational component.

To be part of this entrepreneurial movement and purchase tickets, visit



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